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Construction Tarps – Tarps For Construction

Construction can be messy, and not all tarps are created equal.  When it comes to tarps for construction, Chicago Canvas has a variety of options.

Most construction tarps should be heavy duty tarps.  These include vinyl, canvas, and poly tarps.

Vinyl tarps are industrial strength tarps which are flame retardant and waterproof, feature superior tear resistance, and are created for harsh environments like construction sites.  When thinking of a construction tarp, we often turn to vinyl tarps for these very reasons.

Canvas tarps offer breathability and waterproof.  Our Iron Horse tarps are about twice as strong as traditional canvas tarps and are a great option for construction projects.

A more economical tarp is a standard poly tarp or a heavy duty poly tarp.  These are designed to be waterproof and keep things dry.

If you have a custom tarp need or can’t find what you’re looking for, call, email or chat with us and we are here to help!