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Hay Tarps – Tarps For Hay

Unprotected hay is subject to 25 percent loss due to weathering and exposure. To ensure you retain 100 percent profitability, we manufacture high quality Heavy Duty Hay Tarps to meet all your agricultural needs. Tarps Now Heavy Duty Hay Tarps feature a strong, reinforced poly material that is UV resistant. Our hay tarps also feature brass spur grommets every two feet and 2-inch loops of webbing every four feet along the perimeter. This design ensures secure fitting and easy anchoring of ropes, spiral pins, pipes and posts.

Heavy Duty Farm Hay Tarps
Manufactured in the United States, Tarps Now Heavy Duty Hay Tarps have a silver exterior to reflect sunlight and reduce interior heat. Not only do hay tarps protect your product from damaging outdoor elements; the hay tarps also organize and consolidate your hay, providing easier transporting to indoor storage. To suit your needs, we offer our hay tarps in a variety of sizes.