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Pool Tarps – Tarps For Pool Covers

Pools are traditionally covered at the end of the season to help keep debris out.  While there is no substitute for a true cover designed for your pool, they can be incredibly expensive, leaving pool owners seeking less expensive alternatives.

A heavy duty poly tarp can work to keep leaves, sticks, and other debris out of your pool.  While it will only last for 1-3 seasons, it can be a far more economical solution when compared with the price of a pool cover.  It also can be used just in the fall when leaves and sticks are falling to prevent those from making their way into the pool, then safely stored for the winter to improve its longevity.

We recommend keeping the water below the tarp, or adding large inflatables, to help bear the weight of any debris or snow that may accumulate on the tarp while it is over the pool.