Here are some reviews of Chicago Canvas & Supply from some of our happy customers.

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I recieved my order from your today. I just wanted to say thank you. It seems like most everything ordered off the internet these day is junk or sub quality. When a company does a good job or supplies what they promised it should be commented on.

—Mark Zanolini

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Just a quick thank you tarp is perfect absolutely top class yet again, the second time I’ve used your company and you never fail on quality, highly recommended to all your future customers, many many thanks.

—Ben Reno Roach Hancock

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First time orderer- for a large piece of canvas to use as a table covering at a flea market. Excellent quality and quick shipping. I will definitely be buying again for materials to sew with. Thanks!

—Colette Crawford

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I must say that this company provides awesome customer service. I order 30 yds of canvas. I was sent an email telling me that they were out and that they would upgrade it to a better canvas for free.

The canvas arrived quickly and looks great.

Thank you Chicago Canvas and Supply!

—Keith F. Ackworth, GA

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BEST PAINT TARPS! When I couldn’t find good paint tarps at my local Big Box stores and looked online on Amazon, I saw that the best canvas tarps were available for sale right in Chicago near me for cheaper than ordering. There are 3 weights (8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz) of plain tarps to pick from in all sorts of sizes. We got a 9′ x 12′ in the 12 oz. and it’s really substantial. When you visit the Lawrence Avenue manufacturing location during regular business hours, you ring the bell to get admitted to the small sale counter where you can buy anything they make, which includes special theatre curtains and all sorts of related stuff.

—Barbara S.

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This is my new favorite place to buy canvas. Beautiful selection of colors that don’t fade or run when washed. Material is excellent quality and irons well. The shipment arrived neatly and well packaged to protect from elements and shipper mishaps. The prices were reasonable as well. Definitely recommend.

—Nunya B.

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I had an issue with my order which was partially my fault (Didn’t realize actual size vs cut size vs standard description of sizes are different – be sure to read the website carefully). Chicago Canvas helped me and got me the product I needed. I was very happy with their service and willingness to help..

—Staffan Charlson.

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I ordered a backdrop for a play we are putting on. The size and color of the backdrop was exactly as pictured online and it worked great for our needs. I will be purchasing again when the need arises!.

—Ersela Fleming.

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I ordered several drop cloths for a painting project. I cannot tell the difference between these and any other drop cloths, but they were less expensive than what I typically pay so I will buy them again!.

—Truman Aldridge.

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I ordered a “multi-colored” large canvas for my landscape trailer…when it showed up, I was almost temped to not use it, it was so vibrant and colorful…just beautiful. However, it is SO well made that I’m sure its the last one I’ll ever need. VERY HAPPY.

—Erik Henrikson

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We recently ordered a black curtain for our video production studio and I couldn’t have been more happy from start to finish! The customer service was super helpful and informative and gave us all the information we needed to measure the area for everything to fit perfectly and the product is super awesome and well constructed and glides like a flying bird! THANKS MUCH! P.S. We just ordered a drop cloth for our CYC-WALL floor from these guys as well.

—Team Motion Source

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I work for a large rehearsal studio company in NYC. We have been using Chicago Canvas for 2 years for theatrical curtains, after using 3 other companies who we were not satisfied with. I’m not sure who the one-star reviewer talked to, but I have never received anything but solid, friendly service from these guys. Usually I deal with Cheryl. Their prices are good, their quotes are accurate, their product is fantastic. I have recommended them to several colleagues.

—John N. New York, NY

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I purchased theater curtains to use for a vocal booth in my recording studio.

I wanted remnants because the look wasn’t as important as the sound absorption qualities for me. The owner hooked me up with some very closely matching black canvas. He also sold me a curtain grommet kit, and my friend and i were able to make custom curtains that look great and are great for acoustics for a couple of hundred bucks. The owner was also able to find me a cool chevron burlap material for the ceiling, and the vocal booth looks great!.

—Matt M.

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I purchased a tarp for my lawn furniture this year. It arrived quickly and was as-described. It appears to be of better quality than what I would find in a big box store but only time will tell.

—Ominoctago Nymanasa.

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I purchased the wrong tarp for my application and it tore. I called Chicago Canvas and they helped me find the right tarp. Months later all is good, bottom line is if you aren’t sure what you need ask the pros and they will help!.

—Martineyn Gilmore.