Duck Cloth is a group of fabrics made from 100% cotton. This cotton canvas fabric is also referred to as duck fabric, artist canvas, natural canvas, duck canvas. Duck cloth is known by its even weave, commonly called a duck weave. The duck canvas fabric’s weave is heavy, firm, and non-directional. Cotton duck fabric is smooth and resists rips and tears.

The canvas fabric’s color is referred to as “natural” which is a cream/off white color. This is the color of cotton after it has been cleaned and processed ready for weaving. If the cotton canvas is bright white, this is not natural unprocessed cotton. In order for the cotton to be white, it has to be bleached.

When it comes to selecting the type of canvas, it is important to note the different classifications of duck canvas: If you need some assistance in determining what canvas you should order, contact our fabric specialists at (773) 478-5700.